atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and wellness.

When you walk through the doors of Eyecandy Brow Bar expect to enter into an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and wellness. My private, holistic spa offers a welcoming space for women and men to decompress from the stress of the daily grind while giving you a rejuvenating experience which will reflect in your healthy and glowing skin and restored sense of balance.
The transit that I will take you on at Eyecandy Brow Bar will engage all of your senses. You will enjoy aromatherapy, relaxing music and my healing touch.
My treatments are customized to your individual needs and wants. Whether your interested in a 90 minute Gua Sha Face or Body treatment or you just need a quick 15 minute Brow shape and quick break from reality, I am here to give you a restorative, zen-like environment to let yourself go.
I have had 7 years of hands on experience as a Managing Esthetician and Spa Director for a noted Full-Service Salon and Day Spa in Toledo, and 4 great years of running Eyecandy. Full-service Salons and Day Spas have flooded the area and all seem to have their 'hustle and bustle' approach. I strive to bring Toledo something different. A small private studio where you will get the individually personalized treatment that you desire and deserve. This is a place where your service begins the moment you walk through the doors.
Eyecandy Brow Bar was created after a culmination of both education and a personal passion for holistic health and wellness. I graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I am certified in Esthetics through the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology, certified in Xtreme Eyelash extensions and certified by Mila Madden for Microblading. I received my education and training from the Douglas J Aveda Institute. In addition, I completed advanced training through both Aveda and Dermalogica Institutes. In 2012 I was trained by Nicole Hart, Nico Chic. In 2014 I trained in Gua Sha Therapy by internationally renowned Chinese Medical Doctor/ Herbalist, Dr. Ping Zhang Ph.D.,LAc, and author of 'Anti~Aging Therapy' who is a pioneer in facial rejuvenation at the Swedish Institute in NYC.. It is my personal goal to provide you with a relaxing and healing experience. I ensure that you will leave my spa feeling confident, renewed and ready to face the challenges of life. Namaste.

Traditional Chinese treatment that has been practiced for 1,000's of years that revitalizes the skin from the inside out.

Gua Sha Face & Body Treatments

Gua Sha: Traditional Chinese treatment that has been practiced for 1,000's of years that revitalizes the skin from the inside out. Gua Sha helps to restore the skins own natural ability to regenerate new cells by detoxing stag net blood and encouraging healthy blood flow. The results are immediate and will notice fewer fine lines and wrinkles, less puffiness and dark circles, brightening, firming & toning in just 1 treatment! Gua Sha is a progressive treatment that allows you too build on the results. The more you do it the more you change your skin. You are actually changing the skin on a cellular level making the results lasting ,long term and most important, natural. Gua Sha is replacing popular invasive, expensive treatment like botox and fillers that are not only temporary but have potential harmful side effects. Think of Gua Sha like massage. The intention is to unblock energy points to detox stag net blood and encourage healthy blood flow and healing. The tools that are used with Gua Sha allows for deeper penetration of the subcutaneous level of the skin where we can not get to by only using our hands. Gua Sha is not only used for Facial Rejuvenation but on the body as well for pain management. Gua Sha allows the muscles to relax on a deeper level reducing inflammation promoting faster healing by detoxing the body's toxins more quickly. It truly is as amazing sounds!

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